What we do

Life at UpHabit

Joining UpHabit means working on an incredible product whose development is well underway. Depending on your role, you'll be leading the product definition, development, sprint planning or marketing for an awesome app with a truly sublime mobile UX/UI and a scalable Amazon backend, surrounded by an outstanding team. You'll learn every day, supported by each other and through the company's full and unlimited access to Lynda.com.

You'll learn a ton about what it's like to be a founding member of what we know will be one of the best companies in the world! We call it the UpHabit Time Warp, as you'll look back every three months and realize you gained years of experience without even noticing it along the way.

Our culture centres around nice, brilliant people. We have a firm "no assholes" rule (it's funny, but we mean it). While our team is very accomplished and outstandingly smart in their respective areas, they're also humble and have a passion for continual learning and sharing. Humility is essential to us!

Our Mantra

Make New Mistakes

At UpHabit, we have been working on creating an encouraging culture in order to to stretch what we do and to constantly challenge ourselves. Yes, that'll cause mistakes along the way and we celebrate them! It's how we learn, and we want to learn a lot... you don't get to be the best by taking it easy.

Stuff I've Learned Doing Startups

A Word From Our Founder

Our Values

Our core values are Quality, Passion, Empathy and Integrity.


We build great products, period. It's part of our DNA.


We are passionate about supporting each other, our customers, the product and our brand ambassadors.


We understand each other’s perspectives, including our customers, and will deliver beyond their expectations at every opportunity.


Nothing will knock us off the path of doing our work honestly. If we make mistakes (and we will), we’ll apologize and focus on learning from it and making it right.

Current Openings

Senior Android Engineer

You’re a leader in actions and not just words. You’re going to know Android (Kotlin or Java, but we build in Kotlin) and be passionate about clean, elegant code. You’re going to be awesome and you’re going to love creating elegant code, whether the user sees it or not.

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Senior Node.js Engineer

We're looking for a big-picture architect who is passionate about clean, elegant code, understands AWS infrastructure and Node.js. You want to work with an outstanding team of great developers, designers and product managers.

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